Reseller is a business model that enables individuals or businesses to enter the world of e-commerce without the need to maintain physical inventory. In this model, resellers can promote and sell products or services online using their own digital platforms, which may include social media accounts, vlogs, websites, and content creation.

Why Reseller?

  • Flexibility;Reselling often provides flexibility in terms of working hours and location, allowing you to run your business on your terms.
  • Low start-up cost; It doesn’t require much capital to get started plus no warehouse cost.
  • Hold no inventory; be able to sell products without buying or holding any stock of your own.
  • Wide selection of products; since you don’t have to pre-purchase the items you sell, you can offer an array of products to your potential customers.
  • Profit Margins; healthy profit margins.

How does reselling work?

We offer an extensive product range comprising thousands of SKUs, carefully curated to blend the latest market trends with top-notch quality.
As a reseller, your role is straightforward: utilize your social media platforms to promote and sell our products using our proven strategies like vlogging, content creation, and dedicated social media pages. You’ll have access to our product descriptions, images, and videos to facilitate your sales efforts.
Moreover, as a reseller, you gain access to our entire product inventory. When orders are placed, we handle the shipping directly to your customers, simplifying the process for you.

It is a seamless and profitable partnership.

Automated Order Processing
A product feed via URL will be provided which contains product information such as Title, Image Links, Description, Pricing, and Stock Level, etc. You can pull up the URL for product updates, we recommend checking the URL once a day as we update our feed regularly.

Our product feed can also be customized upon request.

1. Access to products
CSV feed containing products will be provided after the application process.

2. Order processing
Send us a file CSV file with order information. Note: Kindly make sure that all orders that being sent are correct and accurate before sending to us. Please be advised that once the shipping label has been created and shipping is already booked in, we might charge you for the shipping cost that will be spent on the order itself.

3. Payment
We will send you an invoice with an outstanding amount, you can pay us through bank transfer or Paypal.Note: Please make sure all invoices are paid immediately and on time after the products are shipped from our warehouse and use the invoice number for your bank reference to avoid issues.

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